Side table makeover

Hello long lost friends. I took a little hiatus from blogging about my projects, but trust me when I say that the projects never stopped. Today I would like to share this little side table that I found at my secret stash (AKA Goodwill). The bones were in pretty good shape, so I decided to do a little cleaning and painting and make it loved again! Here is the table after cleaning and before someone allowed a paint brush in my hand. (As per usual, please forgive my awful photos. But I guess that’s what I should expect when I take pictures in a dark and dingy garage with a cell phone. You gotta do what you gotta do.)


I began by painting the legs and sides with a lovely robin’s egg blue that I scored from Home Depot as a “mistint” for $0.50. It’s creepy how excited I get about a good bargain. Here’s the table after step one.


Next, I painted the tops a creamy white color (also a $0.50 “mistint”) and busted out the sandpaper. I distressed the tops and legs to give it a worn look.


I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I’m no expert in “furniture flipping,” but I think it’s way more beautiful than the retro table it once was. It’s now waiting to be adopted by a loving family at the Sweet Ashley’s Cottage booth at the Alton Exchange. What do you think? Do you love bringing furniture back to life too?



Signature fishfingers

A little elbow grease

So I have unintentionally kept you guys in the dark through this whole home remodeling business. Probably because I was busy, you know, remodeling a home. But here is at least something to share! The exterior of my house is by no means done and pretty and where I want it to be. I mean, these pictures include a yard with a (freshly torn out sidewalk sized) gaping mud pit. If that’s not an appropriate description, I don’t know what is. But on this past beautiful Sunday I bought myself some paint and got a little pinterest creative by painting my shutters and front door, buying an adorable door mat and even whipping up a front door wreath.

Here is the house before. It’s a little hard to see a difference in the before and after because it was so bright, but the shutters are maroon and the front door is white.


Now the shutters are black and the front door is a robin’s egg blue. I was a little nervous at how this would turn out, but I think it’s really cute and fresh! IMAG0931

I saw the idea on Pinterest of painting the house numbers in the center of the door and loved it. In theory, it was very simple. I just traced it on with a pencil and then painted it in with black paint. I found out through this project that I don’t have a very steady hand and painting precisely is not my specialty. The saying for my house has become, “oh thanks, it did turn out beautifully, just don’t look too closely.” So it only makes sense that the painted house numbers would go right along with that motto.




That door mat is from Walmart by the way and it only cost me $12. Booyah.

And finally, here is the wreath that I “made.” It was so simple I almost can’t even say that. I bought some flowers, arranged them and went to town with my trusty hot glue gun. I had some extra burlap so I looped it around the wreath, hung a 3M hook upside down on the inside of the door and that was that. I think it cost me $13 total.


As is obvious in this situation, a little bit of money and some TLC can make a big impact! I will work on getting some pictures posted of the inside of the house and some projects that I’m working on in the meantime.