4th of July Hurricane Craft

I am just beginning to realize that I get to decorate an entire house for the holidays. An ENTIRE HOUSE. My crafting and decorating mind can’t stop jumping up and down for joy. So it just dawned on me that Independence Day is just as great of a holiday to begin the madness that will unavoidably come forth. I know it’s last minute, but here is a fun little project to get you in the spirit for the 4th of July- a hurricane jar filled with red, white and blue lima beans!

IMAG1259 copy

Here’s what I did:

I purchased my supplies at Wal-Mart (spray paint, lima beans and a candle) for about $10-excluding the hurricane jar, that came from heaven–I mean Marshalls.

IMAG1244 copyThen I laid the lima beans out as thinly as possible on top of plastic bags, which isn’t very flat while on top of grass, and gave them a coat of spray paint. I waited for them to dry somewhat and then flipped them around to try and get the other side. I definitely didn’t coat them completely, but I think the imperfections are ok for the end result.

**Note: I would NOT recommend spray painting on top of a plastic bag. Maybe I’m the only dumb one that wouldn’t think this through, but the paint made the beans stick to the bags and it was a big pain in my rear to get them off. Just a helpful little tip from someone who learned the hard way.

IMAG1246 copy IMAG1245 copy

Once they were completely dry, I began layering them in the dish.

IMAG1254 copy IMAG1256 copy IMAG1258 copy

And here’s the final product! This project can be changed in so many ways for so many different occasions. I’m thinking of doing coffee beans or candy corn for the fall and the good Lord only knows how crazy I will go for Christmas. I love it and every time I walk into the living room, it makes me smile. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

IMAG1259 copy

IMAG1265 copy

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DIY Moss Topiaries



In an effort to bring the outdoors in (sans insects) and add a little color to my bedroom, I decided to give these DIY Moss Topiaries a try. I found them a while back on a blog that I follow and you can get the instructions here.

You will need the following:

  • Styrofoam topiary form
  • Terracotta pot
  • Packaged moss
  • Hot glue gun/glue


In the blog I followed, she suggested using the moss that comes in little squares and cutting them up and gluing them on, but I think using the loose moss might be a bit easier. But I used the sheet moss so what do I know.


Basically I just cut various sized pieces of the moss and hot glued them on the styrofoam balls so it would look natural and messy. Don’t forget to cover the base in moss as well.


Then I painted the pots with some acrylic paint to go along with my color scheme and that was that.


The link above provides more in depth instructions if you want to try this out yourself but they are a great spring/summer addition for home décor! 

IMAG1211  IMAG1215 copy

IMAG1208 copyI also made these little canvases just by messily painting strokes of various yellows. For each stripe I added a little white or a little gray (which is how I accidentally ended up with green-oops! Guess I missed the “mixing colors” day in art class in 7th grade.)

IMAG1214 copy


IMAG1205 copy  

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Chrysanthemum Mirror

Chrysanthemum Mirror DIY


In my opinion, Pinterest has changed the crafting world forever. I’m not much of an innovator, but I sure can recreate awesome ideas that I find online. For instance, I found this chrysanthemum mirror made out of PLASTIC SPOONS that I adore and finally decided to plunge into this project.

Here are the “ingredients” I used to complete this cute little number.

– 4 boxes of 45ish plastic spoons

– cardboard

– hot glue/hot glue gun

– utility knife

– dollar store mirror

– paint brush/cheap acrylic paint of your color choice

To begin, I found something large and circular (my laundry hamper) to trace for the base of the cardboard. I also cut a smaller hole that’s not shown in this photo out of the center of my cardboard circle so that I could insert my mirror.

cardboard circle

Next, I cut the handles of the spoons off so I would just have the nice rounded part. I had intended to use scissors for this, and it is possible, but ready yourself for hand cramps and a slow process. Luckily, I have Mr. Fix-It for a dad, so he gave me this monster of a tool to make this step easier. I believe this tool’s intended function is to cut metal, so plastic spoons were a cinch.

plyers        spoon

I was then ready to start hot gluing the spoons onto the cardboard by doing one circle at a time.

 partially done

When I was finished with the spoons, I hot glued the back edge of the mirror and plopped it into the center hole to serve as the middle of my “chrysanthemum flower.”

all attached

After all of these steps, I was FINALLY ready to begin painting. Now let me tell you, this is no quick craft. I think I spent approximately 6 hours on this bad boy (however, the Golden Globes were on and may have distracted me at times, so I didn’t mind working so long on the painting process). What took what seemed like days to finish was the painting because the spoons didn’t take the paint very well, so it took about 3 coats per round of spoons. I began with the original acrylic paint color in the center and for each row I simply added a little white to make the color fade out. And ta-da! I am really in love with the way it turned out and I think it will look adorable hanging on my wall. All for less than $10. Woohoo! Happy crafting!