My new love interest

Most of you know by now (because I’m pretty sure only my friends look at this blog and would have seen it on Facebook) that I got to pick up my new sweet girl yesterday. She is a 9 week old lab/boxer mix and I named her Yadi after Yadier Molina-duh.

Yadi and me


Yadi car

She was an angel on her first night and I could only be so lucky to have a repeat on night two. She slept all the way through the night until 6 AM and by the grace of God she didn’t make any messes in the house (I know that won’t last). We originally thought she would be around 60 pounds but after judging the size of her puppy paws, I’m thinking it’s more in the 90 pound area. Holy horse dog. Anyway, hopefully Yadi and I will be moving into the house within a couple weeks, so we will start our journey together!

Ok, one more picture. I can’t resist!

 Yadi room

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24 Before 24



I am at a point in my life where a lot is changing and I have some big aspirations. So my “Type A” self decided to make a pretty list about 24 things I would like to accomplish by the time I turn 24 in November (plus posting them publicly might hold me accountable!) I got a little inspiration from over at City In A Jar too. Some of these things are already in the works, but I decided that they are a part of my big year, so they should go on my big list.


24 before 24


Surprisingly, it was more difficult to come up with 24 different goals for myself than I expected, but I am excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work! What about all of you? What are some things that you want to accomplish this year? Keep striving!

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My new home

I sure have been waiting a while to make this post. Last week I (finally) closed on my very first, very own house! I cannot describe the proud/terrifying/exciting feelings that were coursing through my mind. The plan is to gut the entire interior and replace everything. Needless to say I know nothing about wiring, plumbing and replacing anything at all, so I 100% couldn’t take on this project without the help of my wonderful dad, whom can do anything in the world.

Here are some (and I can’t stress this word enough) BEFORE pictures for a sneak peak. Hint: We already took the sledge hammer to quite a few things, including a wall or two. Think potential here. Progressive and after pictures to come!

 kitchen kitchen 2small room  bathroomliving roommy room outside

Check out those beautifully colored carpets. And the bathroom? SICK. You couldn’t pay me to clean that sucker.

When I started this blog, I said it would be about documenting my adventures in life. Well this goes down in the record books friends. This project is my biggest adventure in the 23 years that I have been on this earth. Here goes nothing!

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Hello, world!

Well, I finally caved. I’ve been considering starting a blog for about a year now, but never committed because I didn’t know if I would have anything interesting to write about or if anyone would even read it for that matter. But here I am, starting one anyway because some friends of mine convinced me that I might be a little creative and at least they would read it (ahem, Kate and Jessica). So I’ll give it a shot and share my brand new journey. I have recently graduated from college and have entered the real world kicking and screaming, just a little bit. The adult life is very new to me and taking some getting used to, but instead of entering depression like some of my crazy friends, I am ready to embrace this world and find new adventures.

This blog will serve as a vessel for things I enjoy, experiences, endeavors, travels and lots and lots of DIY projects, some that I may actually execute, and some that I’d like to say I will complete but never will. Also, I’m really obsessed with my (almost) 6 month old niece, so if you hate adorable pictures of babies then maybe you should stay away. Fun posts to come!

                         Until then,

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