Must. Make. Spring.

After the unseasonably warm temps this past weekend followed by the abrupt and appropriate temperatures for March 1st, I caught the inevitable touch of spring fever. So I made my way to our new Ikea and bought myself some greenery to work into my decor. I don’t care if it’s too early, I’m doing it anyway. And faux plants seem to like me a little more than live ones. So I wanted to show you my “Spruce of Spring!”



Although that might look like an empty pot, it holds little baby flower seeds. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m not hopeful.


This is an actual plant that I’ve kept alive for almost one whole year! Can you tell I feel accomplished?


This farmhouse style white pitcher is from Ikea, too!



I finally got my cup rack hung up and I’m LOVING it! Thanks Mom.

Thanks for checking out my “Spruce of Spring.” Now hopefully the weather will catch up to the decor!

Signature fishfingers


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