Mom’s Chalk Paint Buffet

My parents moved into their new house last winter and there seemed to be dead space in their front entry, so Mom and I decided they needed a buffet with a punchy color to fill the space. We set out to find an old piece of furniture to repurpose and revive. We searched high and low for weeks until we found something that she really liked, and let me tell you, it was not a beauty when we found it.

         unfinished front view

Covered in cob webs and dated, but Mom liked the modern lines to it!

unfinished close up of drawers

This project was one of the largest that I had done at this point, so it was kind of a beast. It took me 2 hours just to get it cleaned up, but OH THE STORAGE!

unfinished drawers in doors open

unfinished drawers out doors open

drawers on garage floor

We chose a turquoise chalk paint for this piece to get that matte look and since I hadn’t had the opportunity to use chalk paint yet, I was very excited! This type of paint is all the rage because you don’t have to sand or prime before beginning. (*Note I still did sand, just to be safe.) I was slightly unimpressed because I imagined this magical paint would cover completely in one coat and I’d be finished just like that. However, it did take multiple coats to cover the original wood color, but the end result was stunning!

finished front view

Here’s the piece in Mom’s entry way and I love it!

Finished side view

They use it to store their CD’s in, because they’re so with it and hip. (*just kidding Mom, I love you.)

finished angled view

I know some people love the original modern look, but that just isn’t what she was looking for in this house and style. So I think it was justified to give this old dresser a new and fabulous life!

Before and after

Thanks for reading, friends! Until the next project…

Signature fishfingers


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