A Very Special Piece

I had the privilege of refinishing a very special piece of furniture for a very special client (my boyfriend’s mom, Sue). She had this desk which was hand-built by a family member and is a beloved staple in their home. However, she wasn’t wild about the color because she felt it blended into the room too much, so she picked out some paint colors to really make it pop!

Desk before 2

This is the “before” desk and chair.Desk chair before 2

It all began with a piece of fabric that she had and wanted to use for the seat of the chair. That lead to these 3 awesomely vibrant paint colors.

Desk paint cans 2

And TA-DA!

Desk front on full view 2

Desk chair 2Desk side view shelves 2Desk side view drawers 2

I had a blast doing this project because of the fun colors and because it is such a meaningful piece. I think that using the different colors also highlights the details of the desk, like the curved shelves on the side and the slatted piece on the back of the chair.

I hope that this encourages you. I know often times people have a sentimental or antique piece that was passed down which might not be their style or work in their home, but they feel they can’t alter it. I say make it function for you so that you will truly love it the way it was meant to be loved!

I love doing these projects, so please contact me if you would like me to help you with a piece!

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One thought on “A Very Special Piece

  1. I absolutely adore my desk, thank you Kyndall. This is a part of two people whom I cherish. My Uncle Jim made this desk for my Aunt Sis so it is a sentimental piece. You gave it a new life with your talent and kindness.

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