Fall Home Decor – Better Late than Never

Now that I’m about to take down all of my fall decor and decorate for Christmas, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share some photos of how I made my small space festive for autumn. Side note: in the past year my decorating style has pretty much done a 180 (thanks to the show Fixer Upper on HGTV and the fact that I’m obsessed with JoAnna Gaines’ style). I used to have this girly chic thing going on and now I’m full swing classic/farmhouse/rustic inspired. So my little house is having a bit of an identity crisis. Anywho, hope you enjoy!

front of house - full2

front of house - more zoomed2

outside zoomed left side2

outside zoomed right sideM-I-Z!

outside by door right side

outside by door left side

milk crate on bench

So funny story about this picture. To me, Indian Corn is a very pretty fall decoration. Especially nestled in a vintage milk crate with a gray pumpkin. To squirrels, it’s a FEAST! I’m not kidding you, these ears were picked clean within hours of putting them outside! No wonder the dog was going bat crazy and barking at the front door.


This is a bundle of bittersweet and has amazingly stayed alive for a couple of months! All you have to do is spray it with hairspray. Handy little tip that I learned this year.

full window straight angle2

Since my desire to decorate a mantel is on hold until, you know, I move, I treat this window space as my mantel.

You gotta work with what ya got.

full window2

right side window2

No, the lovely couple in the frame is not J and I. My laziness for printing photos has peaked.

left side window2

I didn’t want to go overboard with decorating this year, but I wanted it to feel natural and calm. I was happy with it but am anxious to get Christmas crazy! Hope you enjoyed seeing my fall decor!

Signature fishfingers


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