4th of July Hurricane Craft

I am just beginning to realize that I get to decorate an entire house for the holidays. An ENTIRE HOUSE. My crafting and decorating mind can’t stop jumping up and down for joy. So it just dawned on me that Independence Day is just as great of a holiday to begin the madness that will unavoidably come forth. I know it’s last minute, but here is a fun little project to get you in the spirit for the 4th of July- a hurricane jar filled with red, white and blue lima beans!

IMAG1259 copy

Here’s what I did:

I purchased my supplies at Wal-Mart (spray paint, lima beans and a candle) for about $10-excluding the hurricane jar, that came from heaven–I mean Marshalls.

IMAG1244 copyThen I laid the lima beans out as thinly as possible on top of plastic bags, which isn’t very flat while on top of grass, and gave them a coat of spray paint. I waited for them to dry somewhat and then flipped them around to try and get the other side. I definitely didn’t coat them completely, but I think the imperfections are ok for the end result.

**Note: I would NOT recommend spray painting on top of a plastic bag. Maybe I’m the only dumb one that wouldn’t think this through, but the paint made the beans stick to the bags and it was a big pain in my rear to get them off. Just a helpful little tip from someone who learned the hard way.

IMAG1246 copy IMAG1245 copy

Once they were completely dry, I began layering them in the dish.

IMAG1254 copy IMAG1256 copy IMAG1258 copy

And here’s the final product! This project can be changed in so many ways for so many different occasions. I’m thinking of doing coffee beans or candy corn for the fall and the good Lord only knows how crazy I will go for Christmas. I love it and every time I walk into the living room, it makes me smile. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

IMAG1259 copy

IMAG1265 copy

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