Flea Market Find: TV Stand

Flea markets and garage sales can be your best friend people. I found a sturdy table at a local flea market that would serve perfectly as a TV stand because it had a shelf for my cable box and DVD player. I went to Home Depot and picked out two colors that I liked and got them in the little sample jars and set to work. I used a stencil that I already had from doing an accent wall in the living room to give it a little flair. Note: if you do a project like this, you might want to drill a hole in the back so that you can feed your cords through it.

IMAG1066Don’t mind my cords, I’m obviously horrible at staging photos.

IMAG1067(Here is my attempt at staging, notice the flowers. I know, I know… ooo, ahh.)


I wish I had a before picture, but it has been lost in the shuffle of the past few months of craziness. It was originally a hunter green and looked pretty scuffed up and masculine, so of course I had to do something about that right away.  I bought the table quite a while ago, but I believe I spent about $30 or $40 on it. All in all a pretty simple and inexpensive project that is very functional. A coat of paint can do wonders!

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