My new love interest

Most of you know by now (because I’m pretty sure only my friends look at this blog and would have seen it on Facebook) that I got to pick up my new sweet girl yesterday. She is a 9 week old lab/boxer mix and I named her Yadi after Yadier Molina-duh.

Yadi and me


Yadi car

She was an angel on her first night and I could only be so lucky to have a repeat on night two. She slept all the way through the night until 6 AM and by the grace of God she didn’t make any messes in the house (I know that won’t last). We originally thought she would be around 60 pounds but after judging the size of her puppy paws, I’m thinking it’s more in the 90 pound area. Holy horse dog. Anyway, hopefully Yadi and I will be moving into the house within a couple weeks, so we will start our journey together!

Ok, one more picture. I can’t resist!

 Yadi room

signature 2


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