Gender Reveal Box

My cousin, Jarrah, is one of my dearest friends, so when she told me that she was pregnant I was thrilled. Since she knows my love for crafting, she asked me to decorate her gender reveal box for when she and Matt found out if they were having a boy or girl. I was obviously all over it, researching ideas and making a design immediately. I think it turned out really adorable and the gathering was a huge success!

                        j and m                      box

To decorate the box, I painted it with a primer and then drew on the design with a pencil. I painted over it with acrylic paint from Walmart, a very small paint brush, and a lot of patience. To top it off, I made a “Boy or Girl” burlap garland, poked holes in the box and attached the string to the inside of the box to hold the garland in place. It was a somewhat easy project, very inexpensive and the couple was pleased, so it was all worthwhile.

And FYI, they were BLUE BALLOONS! It’s a boy! Congrats Matty and Gia!



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