Hello, world!

Well, I finally caved. I’ve been considering starting a blog for about a year now, but never committed because I didn’t know if I would have anything interesting to write about or if anyone would even read it for that matter. But here I am, starting one anyway because some friends of mine convinced me that I might be a little creative and at least they would read it (ahem, Kate and Jessica). So I’ll give it a shot and share my brand new journey. I have recently graduated from college and have entered the real world kicking and screaming, just a little bit. The adult life is very new to me and taking some getting used to, but instead of entering depression like some of my crazy friends, I am ready to embrace this world and find new adventures.

This blog will serve as a vessel for things I enjoy, experiences, endeavors, travels and lots and lots of DIY projects, some that I may actually execute, and some that I’d like to say I will complete but never will. Also, I’m really obsessed with my (almost) 6 month old niece, so if you hate adorable pictures of babies then maybe you should stay away. Fun posts to come!

                         Until then,

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0 thoughts on “Hello, world!

  1. Just wanted you to know I love blogs and will be reading yours. So there is one more person you know is reading it! It looks perfect so far 🙂 maybe it will help me prepare for the real world next year… yikes.
    love and miss you!!

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